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About The Renewable

RAE is a service through which renewable energy (Solar, Wind, Hydropower, Geothermal etc) Used to produce, maintain and invest in new assets. Its purpose is to balance the environment and use renewable resources to properly evaluate resources and help keep the economy afloat.

Essentially, All major details about our Token are mentioned in the whitepaper

Token Details

Token Name
Renewable Energy
Token Ticker
Max Supply

Token Allocation

We've set aside time to reach our strong roadmap and keep token values right. We will start Presale during the airdrop. We will finish the presale before the exchange listing to give profit to the investors.

Token Distribution
  • Airdrop
  • Bounty
  • Marketing
  • Team
  • Presale
Token Distribution
  • Staking
  • Team
  • CEO
  • Coming Soon
  • Coming soon

Road Map

2019 April

2019 August

2020 September
Business Registration

2021 January
Complete token

2021 January
Revealed official website and white paper.

2021 January
Partners [Pancakeswap+ Metamask + Trust wallet+ IBM+ Qualcomm

2021 April
Release renewable products

2021 May
Listing [ Latoken, XT, Bithumb ]

2021 Jun
Android Application & Staking release

2021 July
Listing [ Gate.io + Hotbit + FTX]

Furure listing
[ Huobi Global+ Okex + Binance.

1- how to buy and sell RAE ?

RAE is a cryptocurrency based on binance Smart Chain Network. You can use Exchange market to buy & sell your RAE coin. Everyone can sell their RAE coin on Exchange market and also they can convert their RAE Crypto-currency to Native-currency.

RAE is a strict security token that can be used anywhere in the world to transact with anyone and to participate in the real world economy without the permission of the Prime Minister. That's why we created RAE. "

RAE is a cryptocurrency based on binance Smart Chain Network. So Everyone can use Trust wallet or any bep20 supported wallet to hold their RAE coin.

Everyone can transfer their RAE coin by using Trust wallet or any Bep20 support wallet.

Everyone can invest on RAE coin. If some one invest 1k $ on RAE then they will got upto 16× profit. Because RAE Total Supply just 400k and 133k RAE coin locked for 1 Years. We will give 40k RAE Coin on Airdrop. We will sale 20k RAE coin on private sale for our secrect investor and 58k RAE for Public Sale. Our private sale price is ( 0.23$ ) lowest than public sale/IEO.IEO price 0.25$ So genarelly if someone buy from private sale or IEO they can make upto 16× profit if they hold their coin. Because When we listed on Exchange our RAE price will be 4$

Yes. Off course we can give you guarantee that you will recived 16x more profit from investing on Renewable Energy [ RAE ]. When the RAE IEO end we will start listing RAE coin on Exchange. After list on Exchange we will make RAE coin Price stable. After stable RAE coin price we will start Airdrop Distribution. Here have one reason for Distribution Airdrop coin later, If we distribute Airdrop coin first then genarelly when we list on exchange airdrop recipient sale their RAE coin at cheep rate. As a result RAE coin price can be dump. But we don't want to dump our RAE coin price that's why we will Airdrop coin distribution After end of IEO + After RAE Coin price Stable. So we have full confidense our coin price will be 4$ And Our Investor will got their profit from RAE.